Who are we?


MRGE is Egypt's premier medical student research group. MRGE is composed of >150 medical students from all Egyptian universities.

We are a group of medical students who are working on the field of evidence based medicine and clinical research in many medical specialities.

Medical Research Group of Egypt


Our Vision

“A 21st century clinician who cannot critically read a study is as unprepared as one who cannot take a blood pressure or examine the cardiovascular system" - Paul Glasziou 2008 at BMJ

Our Publications


Our team has more than 15 international research publications in diverse medical specialities.

Our Workshops


MRGE provides hands-on workshops to enhance the research skills of researchers in Egypt.

Our Members


More than 150 medical students from all over Egypt, are working in doing research in MRGE.

Basics of clinical research


We are providing a free online learning group on Facebook for junior medical students. The group included lists of recommended readings and videos for junior students who are interested in building their research skills.


On this blog, we are posting updates of our recent events, achievements. Moreover, Ahmed Negida provides some educational notes and some opinions in the field of clinical research.

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1- Intention to treat analysis

2- Randomized controlled trial is good but not gold standard

3- How can culture influence health

4- Sharing clinical trial data

Our Facebook Page

In order to facilitate communication with medical studenets and interested colleagues, we are running a FB page (Medical Research Group of Egypt). On this page, we are posting updates and recent achievements of our members. Moreover, all our future workshops are always posted on the "Events" tab of our Facebook page (MRGE events).