Medical Research Group of Egypt (MRGE) is a nationwide, student-led, bio-medical, research team in Egypt. MRGE was founded by Ahmed Negida in July, 2014. We understand the problems facing student research in Egypt (ignorance of students about the clinical research, lack of reliable research skills in the educational curricula, lack of support from most of seniors, and lack of funding).

MRGE adopts a clear vision to promote biomedical research in Egypt. We believe that medical students should learn the empirical skills of evidence based practice and be able to implement translational research to create a real progress in healthcare and medical education. Therefore, we aim at building the capacity of Egyptian medical students and create a new generation of scientist physicians in Egypt. MRGE provides interactive, hands-on, workshops for medical students all over Egypt. MRGE students are learning research and participating actively in real research projects yielding international publications.

MRGE has representative members in all Egyptian universities and they do research in a wide range of specialties. MRGE has connections with many well-recognized seniors worldwide and we have recently partnered with many national and international organizations to promote our activities.